First Post

Hey! First official post for my writing blog. As many of you know, I have a family blog, The Norris Ranch, which I use to track the wonderful and chaotic life with my hubby and three kids.

This blog is just for my creative juices and brainstorming thoughts. Most important, it’s a record of my adventure through the path of my writing career.

It didn’t really hit me that I needed a special place to post my journey. Not until I got my first publication. Posting this honor on the family blog seemed a little out of place, as I try and keep that a group journey.

Well, after all the hard work, I finally got my first publication. As a double-whammy, it’s with one of my favorite webzines.

‘Butterfly Cocoon’ is available to read in the September issue of Aphelion.  Below is a summary of the story, as written by Aphelion short story editor, Robert Moriyama.

“Marie Hadner’s life as a law enforcement officer on the isolated space colony was tedious beyond belief, one trivial incident after another blown out of proportion by people as bored as she was. Then the comet — at least it looked like a comet — parked itself nearby, and people began to disappear.”

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment in the Aphelion forum.


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