Sorcer’s Carnival

This week my creative flow has been leaning towards Sorcerer’s Carnival. I’m writing this story in preparation for submission to a wizards anthology. It’s due by May of next year. Sounds like a lot of time but I feel pressed. This is the first fantasy story I’m seriously working on.

The plot started out with a female main character pitted against a male main character (the sorcerer). It’s only allowed to be 5,000 at the most.

The main problem with this short story is I had too many characters, too many points of view, and too many scene shifts. I could clearly see it in my head, but the final written work was jumbled and confusing.  If I had 20K or more words to work with, I think this format and plot would be fine.

But, I don’t. So here’s where writing for the purpose of being published pushes for hard decisions. I put the manuscript away for several weeks after my critique groups review, let’s my ego deflate, and let the story brew in my head a bit.

Then I picked up the story, with machete in hand, and murdered the current set-up. I simplified the plot and concept, refocused and narrowed down the POVs, and cut out several characters.

Feeling much better, this week I’ve been able to flesh out and smooth the transitions. I’ve also been able to fall back in love with this story. Needless to say, I’m re-energized.

Now if only I could get refocused on Galileo War’s. Chapter 12 is being a bug-a-boo…


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