Writer’s Block or Fighting the Flow?

Did I work on Sorcerer’s Carnival like I said I would last night? Nooooo….instead, I came down with a major case of writer’s block. I stared at the manuscript, the one I scoured over the day before until forcing myself to bed, and did nothing.

What happened? What caused this? I laid in bed last night and fretted over the situation. However, on the way to work this morning, something clicked. During that blank stand-off with Sorcerer’s, I kept thinking about Nettie from Galileo Wars.

Did I misdiagnose myself last night? Was it truly writer’s block, or was I just fighting the directional change of my creative thoughts?

Well, I’m going to test it out tonight and try to focus on Galileo Wars. Wish me luck!


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3 Responses to “Writer’s Block or Fighting the Flow?”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    I suffered from a nasty bout of writer’s block after finishing my novel SO DARK THE NIGHT–and broke it by starting my next book out of sequence. I wrote some of the most exciting scenes and sections first to build up my confidence and enthusiasm, then went back to the beginning and linked everything together. It worked remarkably well and resulted in my paranormal thriller OF THE NIGHT, (both novels are posted on my blog).

    Had to respond because “writer’s block” are the most terrifying words in the English language. Even more frightening than “new Dan Brown novel”…

    • arnorris Says:

      What a great idea. Thanks Cliff, I’m going to try that. Part of my issue, I think, might be the backlog of “scenes” stuffed in my head. So, trying your method will probably help clear it up a bit.

  2. Cliff Burns Says:

    Glad to be of assistance and best of luck with your literary endeavors. Remember, it’s persistence and courage that carries the day, not talent. You hang in there…

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