Progress, Progress, Progress

There’s been great progress on Galileo. I haven’t gotten as far as hoped on the revisions/fleshing out. But, I’m giving the quality to the piece I think was missing.

Yesterday evening I continued smoothing out the transitions. Tonight I’m working on the conversation with her parents after her big battle scene. There’s a belief for me that this will be the last item needing attention before the big editing kick off (crossing fingers).

Having two big losses in the chapter still concerns me. I hope that it’s not too much. After a big debate I decided to leave the plot line as is. It’s important to get the full sense that life during war doesn’t happen in a neat, linear fashion. Sometime’s fate just dumps it on for a while, before levelling out. Plus, it’s important for her character growth.

Sorcerer’s Carnival has taken a back seat while I ride this sci-fi train. My heart will always be primarily in the realm of space. After I finish the wizard story, I think I’m packing up the fantasy storylines…unless an AWESOME idea runs over my brainwaves.

Okay, those are my thoughts for today…chow!


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