Painting Your Story

I wanted to spend a quick few words giving an apology. It seems that unwittingly, I set my blog’s comment filters too high and your comments weren’t posting. I just found them, approved them, and then fixed the settings. Here I thought I was just blogging to an empty audience!

Okay, so now that I’ve confessed my blogging mishap I can turn to Saturday’s writing wisdom (quiet in the peanut gallery).

Today I did not write. I know. The week has been a mad cap of writing frenzy up to now. Then today…nothing.

I needed to reset the brain. Everything’s emptied out so fast, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Of course, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped the writing process. I don’t even know if that’s possible. If so, my midnight ideas could be moved to a more convenient time.

Today was a day of white canvas and colorful paint. My creative outlet needed a change of scenery.

The sky came first.

Dipped the brush in water, then into paint, and started turning a blank white surface into a sunny, clear day. Happy, calm, lifted…I painted a perfect sky. The emotions I pulled to the surface when writing the turmoil of my characters washed away, lost in the cool, calm blue. My shoulder’s relaxed, my breathing evened, and my muscle tension eased. My brain waves started to flow at a meandering pace…revisiting stories and ideas at a productive, healthy pace.

The ground came next.

Beautiful brown beach. Not too sandy, a few pebbles to make some imperfections. Like writing…the interesting parts are in the nitty gritty. My now calm and flowing thoughts started to spark…attracted by a few eye-catching ideas. The reality of the hard, rough beach in my picture grounded my ideas. Made them more real.

Troubling aspects of my story, the ones that had become convoluted, are clear to me now…my vision landed on its beach, a little imperfect but real.

I am ready to write again.

What is your canvas and paint? Sometimes you have to lose your focus to find your solution.


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