My Vision of Rounding Jupiter

As a kid I closed my eyes and experienced colorful, vivid visions…that’s how my dreams were to me, visions. They were the same for both my nighttime and daytime dreaming. And ever since I picked up my first science fiction book these dreams were always set in space, or on an alien planet.

Several years ago I woke up after taking a mind trip around the planet of Jupiter. I’ll tell you what y’all, it was wonderful. Below is the insert of this dream that I used for a scene of Galileo.

It was on the third day Jupiter appeared as a bright glowing dot, quickly growing into a massive giant. Fear skittered through as reality of its size dawned on her. The large planet eclipsed all glimpses of dark space beyond. The swirls of peachy orange and creamy white encompassed her view.

The shuttle tilted one-hundred and eighty degrees, riding along the planet’s curve. Vertigo set in as the perceived upside down tilt gave a false sense of direction. As the shuttle continued rounding Jupiter, the sun burst from the horizon and muted peaches and creams transformed into bright oranges and whites. Nettie realized they’d boomeranged around and were veering outward, away from the tumultuous giant…

I hope you enjoyed the trip…I know I did. Funny how even dreams can become fond memories.


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